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What are the beneficial uses of steroids?

Positive Effects of Steroids?


Before we can appreciate the positive effects of steroids we need to understand how they work. Essentially then, steroids are either natural of synthetic compounds that help regulate various bodily functions. When we refer to steroids however we generally are referring to anabolic steroids. These are synthetic compounds that mimic the effects of anabolic and androgenic hormones such as testosterone and are known by many names including ‘juice’ and ‘roids’ and someone who is using steroids can so be said to be ‘juicing’. Anabolic steroids can be taken orally as a pill or powder or commonly via an injection which has certain advantages for the user. This makes marks along an individual’s forearms a good indicator that they may be using steroids.


This in turn means that the user will experience the effects of testosterone to a higher degree which accounts for both the positive effects of steroids and the negative. Among other things the positive effects of steroids include increased muscle mass, tissue repair, endurance and fat loss. Someone who is using steroids will find that they experience greatly exaggerated benefits from their workouts and can inches on their biceps quickly. Additionally, ‘site location’ can be used to inject the steroid directly into the particular muscle that the individual wants enlarged, allowing them to pick and choose their muscle distribution and aid in lagging muscles.



Someone who is on steroids will experience increased physical performance in all sports and athletic pursuits and will also appear more physically imposing – these being the main positive effects of steroids and the reason that many athletes and civilians use them. Used in small amounts steroids may also have certain health benefits and can be used to prevent swelling of organs such as the kidneys as well as muscle wasting diseases such as muscular dystrophy. Steroids and other steroid like substances may also be used to improve bone density meaning they could help with conditions such as osteoporosis.


There are also other positive effects that some people might find to be beneficial while others would not. As testosterone is the ‘male’ hormone, it can help with many traits generally associated with ‘maleness’. This may be useful for someone who feels they are overly feminine or would like to be more imposing.


For example, steroids can increase facial and pubic hair, it can deepen the voice and it can improve drive, ambition and focus. Those considered ‘alpha’ males are those who have large amounts of testosterone and so supplementing with anabolic steroids will help you to develop some of these traits. Those who feel their voice is small and week, or are overly baby faced can feel embarrassment and experience social withdrawal as a result. For these reasons these can be considered positive effects of steroids. On the other hand, for women, or men who already produce a lot of testosterone naturally they may be considered to be some of the negative effects of steroids.


One other area that can be positively effected by steroids is sex drive, and one of the most potentially enjoyable positive effects of steroids is increased arousal and sexual performance. This obviously has a lot of appeal for those with a reduced sex drive or those who are getting older, though it can also be distracting to be aroused at inappropriate times.



What’s the best chain of steroid cycles for beginners?


For beginners, it’s important to start off with a milder cycle. Testosterone Enanthate is a great beginner steroid, as it’s relatively low risk and produces good results. For a first cycle, you could use 500mg of testosterone enanthate per week for 8-10 weeks. This should be followed by an 8-week break to allow your body to recover before the next cycle.


It can also be beneficial to stack other steroids with testosterone enanthate. Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca Durabolin) is often used in combination with testosterone as it helps reduce some of the side effects associated with higher doses of testosterone. A typical beginner stack might include 250mg of testosterone enanthate and 200mg of nandrolone decanoate per week for 8-10 weeks.



Doing resistance exercises like weightlifting can give you many of the positive effects of steroids without the long term risks. 

Post time: Nov-23-2023