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AOD9604 2mg 10vails One Kit

short description:

Name: AOD9604

Manufacture: Lianfu Bio

specs: 2mg/vialX10vials/box

price: 65usd per box

pacakge: 10vials/box

delivery: 8-15days

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AOD9604 is an active, lipolytic peptide fragment of human growth hormone and derivative of the C-terminal domain of human growth hormone (HGH).It is essentially a chain of amino acids, The peptide has an amino acid sequence that mimics the lipolytic (fat-burning) region of human growth hormone. Over the years, it has been marketed as a #weight loss supplement, a potential aid to #muscle and cartilage repair. Other names for AOD9604 include lipotropin and Tyr-hGH fragment.

AOD 9604 Dosage

When it comes to administration, liquid injections offer the benefit of faster absorption into the bloodstream, leading to quicker results. Applying the dose first thing in the morning, at least 30 minutes before breakfast, is recommended. This timing allows the anti-obesity drug to metabolize, maximizing its effects fully.

You can choose to inject the AOD 9604 in different body locations. Some individuals prefer the stomach area due to its generally higher peptide concentration. Injecting in the stomach area may also be less painful than in other places, such as the arm. Additionally, taking AOD 9604 on an empty stomach enhances absorption and facilitates its passage through the bloodstream.



We ship all over the world. 

You are advised to consult your medical consultations before use of the product.



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